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My Mermaid Hair is a micro bead extension technique, also know as "I Tip”, which uses non-slip micro beads and a loop tool to attach individual tip extensions to the existing hair. The tip closely resembles the end of an ever-so-thin shoelace. Beaded hair extensions use no heat or glue, and contain no chemicals making them ideal for protecting the hair. Our extensions are semi-permanent and last from 4-6 months depending upon quality of care.



My Mermaid Hair Extensions are one of a kind, and handmade by a mermaid! You will never find any other extensions quite like ours, and that’s because Katie invented them. Facing the common problem of wanting the full look of super thick hair extensions but not having enough room on you head to installing that many pieces, Katie developed a process for physically combining two strands into one. Her revolutionary 2-in-1 strands made it possible to get double the hair in each individual micro-bead, giving everyone the ability to rock twice as much hair on their head. And now that we have finalized the patent, we can offer My Mermaid Hair Extensions, handmade in Dallas Texas.


Mermaid Hair extensions are made from only the highest quality 100% pure human Remy hair. What makes us different is our famous double strands. Every stylist knows that the longer the hair, the thicker it should be, and not only is Mermaid Hair more than double the thickness of our competitors, it takes less than half the time to install. While most other top brands weigh in at less than a gram, My Mermaid Hair Extensions are luxurious 2 gram strands. 


Knowing that every client is different, Katie always takes the time to find out exactly how much hair they want and the look they're trying to achieve during the free consultation. A single bag of My Mermaid Hair™ extensions comes with 25 DOUBLE strands, giving you 50 strands worth of hair. To create her signature voluminous look, Katie typically uses 4 bags on each client, but if someone requests a partial or just some added fullness, she only needs 3. For the latest #MegaMermaid trend she started, she can use up to 6, there is no limit to what our extensions can do.